Trippy Facts About House Flies You Probably Didn’t Know

They Can Turn Solids To Liquids

8. They Can Turn Solids To Liquids

Did you know that house flies can only feed on liquids? Don’t get us wrong – house flies can and DO sit on top of any kind of food – be it solids or liquids. But they have a trick up their sleeve to get around the solid foods, and the secret lies in their thin eating tube.

They use this tube to spit, or rather vomit, special enzymes onto the solid food they’re interested in. The enzymes, in turn, turn the solid food particles into a liquified mush that can be easily sucked up and digested by the houseflies.
So the next time these winged mischief-mongers sit on top of your burger, they’re actually liquifying your food in front of your very eyes to feast on it. Eeks! 
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