Trippy Facts About House Flies You Probably Didn’t Know

Flies Poop A Lot

5. Flies Poop A Lot

If you haven’t yet been scarred by the sight of a housefly pooping on your food, consider yourself lucky. Because we’re not kidding when we say house flies love to poop – a lot. In fact, they end up pooping literally every minute of the day. 

But let’s not be mean to them, there’s a sound biological reason behind the eagerness of their bowels. BAsically, house flies consume their food as a liquid. As a result, it ends up going through their body pretty quickly – they absorb the nutrients, and discard the rest. 

What this means for you is that every single time a housefly lands on anything, it leaves a little souvenir behind. So keep that in mind so you can warn someone the next time you see them casually eat their ice cream after a fly has landed on it! 
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