This Is The Deadliest Island on Earth!

A Hair-Raising (True?) Story

26. A Hair-Raising (True?) Story

Do you remember the story of the pirates and the lighthouse man? They are not the only stories that are going around about this island – there’s more! This story goes back to the times when the locals were trying to turn the island into a banana plantation.

Legend has it that a fisherman found his boat wandering off-course, and decided to make the pitstop at the island. Not realizing the dangers that lay ahead, he decided to venture in and pick a banana to eat from one of the plantation trees. But that turned out to be a huge mistake!

One of the snakes attacked him with a deadly bite. As he ran to his boat, several other snakes along the way struck him too. Sadly he wasn’t able to make it to the story. We’ll never know whether this was a true story or something made up to keep the locals away from the island.

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