Things that Are Dirtier than Your Toilet

This is a topic that you will often see presented and talked about because people are practically freaked out that anything in the world (or at least among the things that we come into constant contact with) could possibly be dirtier than a toilet.

Well, as it turns out, there are a number of different objects and places that are very much dirtier than a toilet. This article is not intended to freak you out about dirt, but it is in fact interesting to note how many things have bacteria on them that we may not exactly be aware of.

How Is the Toilet Not the Dirtiest Thing?

1. How Is the Toilet Not the Dirtiest Thing?

Let's start off by clearing up the confusion as to how the toilet could possibly NOT be the dirtiest thing in the house. Well, there is a logical reason for this after all. The toilet is not particularly dirty because it is an object that we actually clean. In fact, we use many chemicals to clean the toilet, which is why so much bacteria is destroyed in the process.

As we go through the list, you will notice that many of the following things are in fact objects that we rarely, if ever, actually clean. Once you notice just how many things we leave lying around in their own dirt, this entire article will make much more sense.

Your Dish Sponge

2. Your Dish Sponge

Let's start this list off with a bang and with an item that will probably surprise you more than nay other. The sponge, the one that you use to wash the dishes, is one of the dirtiest things in the house. It's about 250,000 times dirtier than the toilet. Even though it washes dishes and you use detergent on it, this chemical is not strong enough to destroy the bacteria.

This is why you should seriously change your sponge on a regular basis in order to avoid getting sick with horrible bacteria. Luckily, sponges are very cheap, so it is not a big deal to switch from one sponge to another.

The Handbag

3. The Handbag

The purses that you carry with you are famously one of the most frequent things that we never actually wash. They are not something that you would put into a washing machine. And even if you tried to disinfect them, you could only use wet wipes to do so, so as not to destroy the purse.

You put all sorts of things in your purse, especially money and your phone, which easily transfer millions of bacteria with ease. Even though you cannot clean your bag as thoroughly as you can clean your clothes or the toilet, try to wipe it down with basic alcohol every now and then.

Shower Head

4. Shower Head

Speaking of another thing that you would not expect to be particularly dirty, the shower head is notorious for the amount of dirt that latches onto it. However, this is very much far from the truth. It makes sense if you think about it.

The insides of a shower head are very dark and wet. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and also for fungi. As the amount of dirt gets larger and larger inside the shower head, it contaminates the water that you use on yourself.


5. Drapes

If you think about it, everything that could possibly be flying around in the air of your house will at some point end up stuck on your drapes. This includes dust, pet hair, and even mold. Anything that can possibly stick to something and multiply will in one way or another find itself on your drapes.

In order to stop this from happening to a large extent, the best thing to do is to buy drapes that are easy to clean in the washing machine. This way, you can choose a certain date when you will wash your drapes and get rid of these unwanted things.


6. Money

Money is one of the dirtiest things that you will ever touch. Talk about things that you cannot clean. Think about how many people before you have touched that bank note that you are holding. Thousands of people have probably touched that bank note before it reached your hands.

It is said that a single bank note can hold up to 200,000 bacteria. It's important that you always wash your hands after touching money as soon as possible. If you do not have a way to wash your hands, make sure that you do not touch your eyes or your mouth.

Your Pet's Food Bowl

7. Your Pet's Food Bowl

This depends slightly on the kind of cleaning routine that you have with your pet's bowl. If you do not clean your pet's bowl regularly, the pet bowl will quickly gather a lot of bacteria all over it. Because you constantly put food inside of it, the bacteria will spread quickly.

It becomes a breeding ground for millions of bacteria, and can be dangerous both for you and for your pet. In order to avoid this causing further problems in your life, make sure that you regularly clean your pet's bowl.


8. Mattress

Similarly to drapes, mattresses are also things that collect bacteria just because they exist. They also collect a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria, and they are also things that we do not clean regularly (or for some people - at all).

Dust mites poop on your mattress regularly, and although you cannot see this, it is certainly something that will be bringing you a lot of dirt along the way. The best way to get out of this problem is to change your mattress every few years or so, or even better, find a way to clean it properly.


9. Pillows

Every pillow has this problem, but it is especially true for the pillows that you sleep on on a regular basis. Like a mattress, the pillow also collects all kind of dirt and although we change the covers of our pillows, we don't really clean the pillow itself.

It collects dead skin cells, body secretions, and also fungi which develop on its surface. If you can stick the pillow into the washing machine, this would be a good way to deal with the problem. If not, then make sure that you clean its surface in another way.


10. Bathtub

Enter another thing that you would expect to be clean but really isn't. Although we do clean the bathtub, we don't clean it nearly as well as we think we do. Especially when it comes to the area around the drain.

Similarly to the problem that occurs with the shower head, the area around the drain also collects an insane number of bacteria because of the moisture and the lack of light, both of which help bacteria to multiply.

Kitchen Sink

11. Kitchen Sink

There are many different things that we put into our kitchen sink. We use it all the time and we wash many different things in it. And although most of us try to clean our kitchen on a regular basis, this is often not enough to keep the kitchen sink truly clean.

All the germs from the many things that we clean in the sink stay stuck in the sink and multiply. This is especially true if you use it as a place to clean raw meat. Make sure to purchase products that can clean both the sink and its drain properly.

Light Switch

12. Light Switch

Every room has one. Wherever there is a light, there is undoubtedly a light switch there as well, and we touch them all the time. They are also something that we do not clean regularly, even when we are cleaning our own house. Now imagine how much bacteria is on a light switch in public places?

Bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells attach themselves on the light switch and then develop their own bacteria on it. The amount of bacteria on them is incredible, and you should especially keep this in mind in public places.

Door Knob

13. Door Knob

Here's another object that many different people will touch all the time, and yet will not be cleaning it on a regular basis. Many people are very wary of touching a door knob, and yet you can't really enter a room or a building without coming into contact with it.

When it comes to the door knobs in your home, make sure that you clean them all regularly to prevent germs from further spreading. However, when it comes to public door knobs, make sure that you don't touch your eyes or your mouth after using them.

Remote Control

14. Remote Control

You will notice that some people tape a small plastic bag over their remote controls. This is because it is much easier to change that plastic bag than to thoroughly clean the remote control. Because this is also something that comes into regular contact with our hands, it collects a lot of bacteria.

Not to mention if you are using the remote control in a hotel room or in a public place. Even the most dedicated cleaning staff will probably not pay particular attention to the remote control, so make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Shopping Bag

15. Shopping Bag

Reusable shopping bags are of course much better for our health and for the environment than the plastic bags which we have all been using for years. However, even these reusable shopping bags can collect a crazy amount of bacteria, which continue to spread across the bag.

Groceries collect bacteria while they are still in the store. Other people touch the groceries, dust falls on them, and then you purchase the groceries and take them home. That is a lot of potential bacteria. The best thing to do is to buy reusable shopping bags which can be washed in the washing machine.

The Fridge

16. The Fridge

A lot of different foods are constantly kept in the fridge. We do this in order to keep the food fresh and ready to eat at any moment. However, we don't always keep an eye on when the food has entered our fridge, which means that some foods go bad and others leak.

When food goes bad inside the fridge or it spills, regardless of the fact that the temperature is so low, certain bacteria can still spread and multiply. In order to avoid this situation, make sure that you clean the fridge regularly.


17. Carpet

Carpets are similar to drapes. They gather everything they can possibly gather on their surface, which makes them the perfect place for the bacteria to spread. There are approximately 200,000 bacteria per square inch on your carpet.

Even if you vacuum your carpet, the bacteria will not be removed properly of course. It also collects many skin cells, which continue to develop bacteria and also fungi. You can make this less dirty by occasionally cleaning the carpet with the help of a professional.


18. Toothbrush

There are a number of reasons why a tooth brush is extremely dirty. One of the reasons is because the bacteria that is collected from the teeth continues to spread on the toothbrush. But there is also another reason.

Whenever you flush your toilet, if you don't close the lid of the toilet, the germs will travel all over the bathroom and fall on your toothbrush as well. Make sure that you always close the lid when you flush the toilet, and also make sure that you regularly change the toothbrush.

Chopping Board

19. Chopping Board

The chopping board is another object that we use all the time, thinking that it is something that helps us to chop up food and prepare our meals. However, because we place so many different things on the chopping board, millions of bacteria grow and multiply on it.

This is especially true if you place a lot of raw meat on the chopping board. Also, as you use the knife on the chopping board, which makes cuts that are later difficult to clean. If you can, get a new chopping board whenever possible.


20. Menu

If you think about it, restaurant menus are touched by thousands of people in the history of a restaurant. And also, the menus never get cleaned really and also rarely get replaced by new ones. This is why there are so many different bacteria covering the menus in a restaurant.

There are far more bacteria on a restaurant menu than there are on the toilet seat. This should not make you feel panicked about touching a menu, but perhaps decide to wash your hands after you make your order and not before.

Mobile Phone

21. Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone travels with you everywhere you go, which means that it also collects germs and bacteria everywhere you go. Even if you were to clean the surface of your phone every single day, the amount of bacteria that collects on it is huge and multiplies very quickly.

There are not many ways to go around this problem other than to keep in mind the fact that you should clean your phone whenever you can, and always wash your hands before you start eating.


22. Keyboard

We use keyboards all the time, both at home and at work. They have 200 times more bacteria than a toilet does, and they are also touched by more than one person in a single day. Dead skin cells fall on them all the time, and sometimes even food gets stuck between the keys.

All of these things contribute to the fact that there are a lot of bacteria which can easily spread across and inside of a keyboard. Try to clean the surface of your home keyboard whenever you can, and also make sure that you wash your hands after using a public keyboard.

Office Desk

23. Office Desk

Unlike the desk you use at home, you really don't have a lot of control over the desk that you use when you're at work. Many different people will sit on it at one point or another, and there will be a lot of dirt flying from other desks onto it as well.

The best way to deal with the germs on your office desk is to try and clean it yourself as often as possible. The most effective way to deal with the problem is to use alcohol as a cleaner. This will destroy most germs for the day.

Restroom Floors

24. Restroom Floors

There is no surprise here. Public restrooms do indeed have a lot of germs that need to be dealt with. And no matter how often they are cleaned, so many different people use them that it is impossible to have full control over the situation.

Whenever you do have to use the restroom, make sure that you remember that the majority of the bacteria will end up on your shoes. So, when you return home after a day out, make sure that you never walk around your home with those shoes on.


25. Ice

There are a number of reasons why ice is so dirty, even though it may not seem like it would be. It is not just water that has been frozen into a mold. You need to consider the water, the mold, and also the kind of environment that it has been frozen in.

Ice machines are rarely cleaned, and also the freezers themselves are rarely cleaned. Likewise, the molds that the water is placed in need to be clean in order to avoid bacteria. And also, the water must be filtered and sanitary before it is frozen.

Faucet Handle

26. Faucet Handle

The faucet in your own home may be cleaner than the ones found in public restrooms, but even the one in your own home will be dirtier than your toilet. Many different people touch the faucet, and although it may not be visually evident, each one of them leaves their own bacteria on the top.

The only way to deal with this problem is to ensure that you clean your own faucet at home regularly. When it comes to the ones that are in public use, try to close them with your elbow or something that you will not place close to your lips for a while.

Elevator Buttons

27. Elevator Buttons

The problem here is that you need to press a button in order to use the elevator, and you also don't have enough time to clean any of the buttons before using them. Hundreds of people use the elevator every day, and each one of them leaves their own germs behind.

This is especially true for elevators that are very busy. The buttons are not cleaned often because the elevator floor is the part that is usually cleaned. And even if they were cleaned regularly, the germs would be back again in no time.

Gas Pumps

28. Gas Pumps

Gas pumps are used by hundreds of people ever single day. And to make matters even worse, they are rarely ever cleaned by the staff unless there is a spill somewhere around them. You will often see people use gloves when they handle the gas pump handle, but it is questionable how much even this can help against the germs.

The best way to deal with the problem is to ensure that you wash your hands after each use of the gas pump. Make sure to bring your own wet wipes of disinfectant in your bag, so that you can use it every time to add gas to the car.


29. Sofa

People spend a lot of time on their sofas and couches. They also invite people over to their house to use the sofas, and they may even have pets who spend time on the sofas. All of these things contribute to the huge amount of germs and bacteria which love to gather on the sofa.

The problem here is that people rarely clean their sofas properly in order to remove all the germs and bacteria. Usually, people just vacuum them and think that this is all they need to do to keep the sofa clean. But this is not true. Every once in a while, you need to hire a professional team of cleaners who will clean the sofa with special equipment.

Window Handle

30. Window Handle

We tend to touch the handle on our windows every single day, regardless of what season of the year it seems to be. Even when we clean the windows, we usually focus on the glass of the windows and not so much on the window frame or on the window handle.

All of these things gather a huge amount of germs and bacteria, and if the problem is not dealt with, they will multiply in large numbers. Not to mention the ones that you will find on the windows and window handles at your work or in a public space.