The Biggest Science Myths Debunked

Eating Carrots Can Improve Night Vision

#28 Eating Carrots Can Improve Night Vision

Carrots contain Vitamin A which is good for eyesight. However, they aren’t the richest sources of Vitamin A. Egg yolks, liver and dairy products like milk and cheese are all rich sources of Vitamin A.

Eating carrots in larger quantities doesn’t mean that you’d have magical eyesight. Instead, it may lead to complexities which might aggravate into serious health conditions.

According to nutritionists and diet experts, an overabundance of a particular nutrient from a high intake of specific foods may cause several deficiencies, and in some cases, may lead to toxicity.

So, while you might consider carrots as a good source of Vitamin A, beware that excess consumption of it may permanently put you in dark.

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