The Biggest Science Myths Debunked

The 5-Second Rule Of Food Contamination

#15 The 5-Second Rule Of Food Contamination

What would you do if you drop the last slice of your favourite pizza on the floor that you so much wanted to eat? It’s simple; just pick it up within five seconds, right? Wrong!

If you believe that it is safe to eat the food within five seconds of dropping on the floor, then your whole life has been a lie. There is no scientific evidence that proves the 5-second-rule of food contamination.

Bacteria can contaminate the food within milliseconds, and even faster in case of moist food items. How safe it is to eat the food off the floor really depends upon how clean the floor is. In any case, it is best to refrain from eating the food that you dropped on the floor and toss it off into the garbage bin.

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