The Biggest Science Myths Debunked

Organic Food Means No Pesticides

#10 Organic Food Means No Pesticides

There’s a lot of buzz about organic food everywhere. Every now and then, social media influencers can be seen endorsing organic products that they claim to be using for living higher quality lives. However, there is more false than truth in such claims.

Organic products, contrary to how they are advertised, aren’t fully free of pesticides. Farmers growing organic food are permitted to use natural fertilizers which in some case are even more harmful than the regular ones.

However, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, the quantity of pesticides and fertilizers used in growing food is benign, and thus, irrelevant for discussing any health concerns.

So, while you might be lured into thinking that organic food is better, note that it doesn’t escape the traditional norms of using fertilizers.

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