Strangest Superstitions From Around The Globe That People Still Believe

Lucky Horseshoe

7. Lucky Horseshoe

Here comes another myth that holds on to good fortune. The horseshoe is considered by many as a lucky charm owing to its vulval shape, and also due to the invocation of the goddess Diana and her sacred vulva.

Like pennies, horseshoes are made of metals – iron, to be precise. Hence, the early Europeans believed that horseshoes had the ability to keep the evil spirits at bay. Further, the horseshoes usually had seven nail holes owing to the age-old belief of the Romans of considering seven as a lucky number.

According to popular folklore, the horseshoe got its pious stature from the story of Saint Dunstan – a blacksmith turned saint who nailed Satan’s foot with a horseshoe which compelled Satan to take a vow to never enter a house that displays a horseshoe.

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