Strangest Superstitions From Around The Globe That People Still Believe

Cutting Nails At Night

23. Cutting Nails At Night

Trimming of nails at night is a strict no-no, as it brings a truckload of bad luck and evil omen. According to people in India, one should only trim the nails or even touch the nail cutters only during broad daylight for the good luck to tag along.

Haircuts and cutting nails are considered to be inauspicious activities, and hence, shall be avoided on auspicious days like Tuesday, known as Mangal Var in India. On this day, people worship Maa Durga and Maa Lakshmi., and hence, they refrain from any activities that are considered inauspicious.

It is also considered bad luck to trim your nails on Saturdays. Fridays are considered to be best for haircuts or for trimming nails.

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