Strangest Superstitions From Around The Globe That People Still Believe

Curse Of The Evil Eye

15. Curse Of The Evil Eye

If you ever travel to the Middle East, a dazzling blue ornament with a big eye painted on it would be a common sight. This is called the Nazar Boncuk Charm – an “eye” that looks back on to the people and chases away their evil stares filled with envy and jealousy.

According to the Arabs, accomplishing a lot of wealth and fortune is an open invitation to evil stares of people that can ruin the prosperity, if not cared for. The blue eye is a measure to counter the bad omen and keep good luck from dwindling down.

Also, the colour blue is a reminiscence of fresh, cool water and has a tranquilising effect. Hence, the amulet carries a blue background to calm the anger and frustration of people.

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