Strangest Superstitions From Around The Globe That People Still Believe

Chewing Gum At Night

11. Chewing Gum At Night

If you are in the habit of popping chewing gums every now and then, then this point deserves your undivided attention. In Turkey, people refrain from eating chewing gums at night. No, not because they are afraid of an achy jaw or something.

The Turks believe that after the sun sinks low, the chewing gum magically transforms into dead meat. So, in a way, if you eat chewing gum after dark you’ll go from a normal human to a cannibal in just one evening!

The exact origin of this gore superstition is unknown. Nevertheless, it’s so prevalent in Turkey that people refrain from popping chewing gum in their mouth after sunset. And so should you, unless you want to be a cannibal!

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