Strangest Superstitions From Around The Globe That People Still Believe

Black Cats

9. Black Cats

Black cats have been a symbol of both good and bad luck. Unfortunately, however, our feline friends have had been labelled for bringing evil since the middle ages. And here is the reason why it happened.

Under the influence of a papal bull ordered by Pope Gregory IX circa 1230 CE, cats were declared an avatar of the Devil. With this edict in motion, the predicament of cats worsened.

People started torching heaps of cats, especially on pious days like Shrove Tuesday, the first Sunday of Lent, and Easter. Puritans in America linked cats with witchcraft rituals that fuelled their feud with cats.

And to make matters even uglier for our feline friends, black was long seen as the colour of evil and death, which further demonised them.

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