Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Komodo Dragon Females Don't Need a Male To Have Babies

#3 Komodo Dragon Females Don’t Need a Male To Have Babies

Virginity can be a big issue for humans but not for Komodo dragons. They are the blessed creatures who can lay eggs without mating with any male.

Only if human females have this superpower of procreating without any male involved in it, the world would have been a different place! 

Pathogenesis, the science of giving birth without mating is a blessing in disguise! In the case of the Komodo dragon, her eggs fuse with other materials in the body to make babies out of it.

As a result, the embryos share the same DNA as their Komodo mums since no male has any part in it! Python and swell shark are other such animals with similar reproductive traits. 

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