Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Crabs Are Selfish

#6 Crabs Are Selfish

Crab, which represents Cancer zodiac sign, is termed to be clingy and protective in nature. They don’t fight from the front but always stab behind one’s back. But in the case of these carrier crabs, they literally wear the sea urchins as their hats.

These are also known as the urchin crabs for the same reason as they use these against predators solely for their protection. These creatures grab sea urchins by their legs and carry them on their backs for their selfish reasons.

You must be feeling bad about the poor sea urchin. But don’t worry the sea urchin gets to explore a whole variety of feeding areas and other animals in between.

Like typical Cancerians, these crabs love to protect themselves from foreign invasions and could hold up anything such as corals, seaweed, sponges, etc to camouflage themselves. Clever!!!

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