Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Male Cuttlefish Can Fool Fellow Male Cuttlefish

#9 Male Cuttlefish Can Fool Fellow Male Cuttlefish

This creature may be suffering from gender discrimination and maybe it enjoys looking more like the other gender. Like for instance, the males love to look like females and they are proud of it! 

Jokes apart! In the cuttlefish world, every male cuttlefish has to get past the larger, dominant males in order to mate with a female.

The cuttlefish takes this a step further and is more flexible about it. When courting a female, a male cuttlefish will make half of his body face away from her to resemble a female cuttlefish. Strange! 

To other males, they might look pretty weird as if two females hanging out, but actually, he’s about to mate with her. Strange are the ways of cuttlefish we must say!

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