Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Honey Bees and Hornet

#10 Honey Bees and Hornet

We all know how dangerous a sting of honey bee can be! It’s not only painful but can be fatal if thousands of honey bees gang up against an animal or human being.  

In Japan, honey bees are known for gruesome battles with their counterparts – hornets. Hornets are the largest eusocial wasp and resemble yellow jackets in every way.

Hornets and Honey bees are bitter enemies and the hornet owing to its size has the capacity to kill 20 honeybees at a time and destroy its nest! 

They make use of a scout to find the hives of the bees. Luckily, in Japanese honey bees have a special defense mechanism against the Hornet. The bees vibrate their flying muscles with all the power they possess which creates a temperature of up to 116 degrees. This action kills the hornet within 30 to 60 minutes. 

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