Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Army Red Ants

#12 Army Red Ants

Who isn’t terrified of red ants? Almost everyone is petrified at the sight of these miniature insects that have the ability to destroy even the largest of animals. Don’t go by their small size, these creatures, when ganged up together can eat a big animal all by themselves.

Also, they are pretty hardworking and never give up. They usually form neat and organized lines and tend to communicate through chemical messages.

However strange it may sound, most of these army ants are blind in nature and follow each other through various odors and trail pheromones. Also, they have a tendency to keep shifting their nests every few days. 

Even though they are known for their organizational skills and formation, due to constant shifting they have the tendency to lose their way to the nest. They circle around it to find the right direction towards it!

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