Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Camouflage Tactic of Assassin Bugs

#16 Camouflage Tactic of Assassin Bugs

Acanthaspis petax, a type of Assassin bug is a clever insect that possesses a unique strategy to confuse its predators.

Assassin bugs prey on ants among other insects but they often prey on ants. It injects its prey with poison which paralyzes the ant. It then sucks out its inwards leaving the outer body unharmed. Now what the assassin bugs does next is mind-boggling.

It collects many such ant skeletons and starts piling them onto its own back. It can carry up to 20 dead ants on its back at once. So why does it do that? To confuse its predators, mostly Spiders.

Spiders have an excellent sense of vision but their sense of smell isn’t that strong. This gives assassin bugs an upper hand and they dress in a self-created ‘ant backpack’ which helps them camouflage in front of their predators.

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