Strangest Animal Behaviors That Prove That Nature Is Full Of Surprises

Strange Behavior Of Axolotl

#19 Strange Behavior Of Axolotl

The axolotl is a half-grown salamander that behaves pretty much like a human child! Also known as the “walking fish”, it never really fully grows up because it keeps its gills and other breathing organs outside the water! They are water bodies and cannot survive outside water.

As a consequence, this particular animal refuses to go through metamorphosis. Other salamanders go through metamorphosis and move to land, but not this guy. Since they don’t have much to do these axolotls reproduce faster as compared to other salamanders.

When mating, both male and female do some sort of couple dance and then the male releases his sperm which is transparent and resembles Hershey’s kiss. Thus the female then sits on it and her eggs are fertilized through that action.

Sadly, this has become a critically endangered species.

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