Pandemics Across History That Changed The World

SARS Outbreak- China, 2003

#27 SARS Outbreak- China, 2003

The SARS CoV-1 or simply SARS was an acute viral infection that affected the respiratory systems of animals and humans. It started in the Guangdong province in China where a local farmer was the patient zero.

Scientists claimed that Asian palm civets and cave-dwelling horseshoe bats were the primary carriers of the virus. In an attempt to contain the virus from spreading further, the Chinese government ordered mass killings of Asian palm civets.

Over 10,000 palm civets were killed. The killings were later supported by studies conducted in 2006 by the Chinese Centre of Disease Control and Prevention that claimed genetic relation between the SARS virus found in civets and humans.

Though there haven’t been any reported cases of SARS CoV-1 infection since 2004, scientists claim that the virus could reappear in the future.

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