Pandemics Across History That Changed The World

Yellow Fever Epidemic - Argentina, 1852

#18 Yellow Fever Epidemic – Argentina, 1852

The yellow fever epidemic of Buenos Aires was a series of yellow fever epidemics that occurred intermittently between 1852 and 1871. The later years of the epidemic were the harshest and slew 8% population of PorteƱos.

Argentine soldiers returning from the Paraguayan War were the main carriers of yellow fever. Inefficient water supplies, poor sanitation arrangements coupled with the scorching heat of summer further aggravated the epidemic.

At the height of the epidemic, many people fled from Buenos Aires to escape the torment which caused a significant drop in the local population. Many historians believe that the epidemic set the precursor to the declining negro population in Buenos Aires, as knowledge of proper sanitation measures was absent in the community.

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