Most Common Dreams and Their Meaning

We dream every single night, even if we don't actually remember our dreams! There is a lot of research that still needs to be completed if we are to understand the meaning of our dreams, but the fact remains that they do have meaning. Few dreams are simply a random occurrence.

In order to make things make more sense when it comes to your dreams, let's go through the most common dreams that a person can have and try to discover what they could be saying about who you are what you can expect from life.


1. Water

There is no surprise here that the most common element in our lives is also the most likely thing that we could possibly dream about. Dreams of water come in many different variations, both those that seem to be dangerous, and those that are safe.

Many people claim that water is actually a representation of your unconscious. Therefore, if you've had a dream that involved water, try to remember what the water looked like. Was it clear and peaceful? Or perhaps it was full of foam with dangerous creatures lurking beneath it? Thinking about the state of the water will reveal what state your unconscious is currently in.


2. Food

Food dreams may sound yummy, but they often have a much deeper meaning to them than simply looking delicious in our mind. What your food dream represents depends on the kind of food you saw in your dream. Was it the kind of food that you love and that makes you happy, or the kind that you absolutely cannot stand.

For example, apples are often associated with knowledge, a sandwich can mean that you are feeling under pressure. Remember that dreams are metaphors, so when it comes to the best way that you can analyze them, look at each individual food item and then find it's hidden meaning.


3. Doors

This may not really be something that you are likely o dream about often, but doors are actually a dream whose symbolism makes a lot of sense once you start to take it apart. It doesn't matter if it is just one door or numerous doors next to each other or inside each other.

Doors usually mean that you have an option to turn your life around or to make choices that you were not yet aware were possible. This is of course because choosing one door instead of another could lead to a different outcome. So, if you have recently seen doors in your dreams, think about any decisions that you may need to make.


4. Flying

Flying is another dream that can come in different shapes and symbols. You could be dreaming about flying yourself, or perhaps of flying in an airplane. Each one will have different options and different reasons for why it appeared in your dream.

Flying usually represents freedom, the ability to enjoy life and the world without anything dragging you down. However, it could also represent a new perspective on things, or perhaps even a call for escape. Depending on how you would view flying in your life in general, you will determine what the flying dream meant specifically for you.


5. Celebrities

Regardless of what you may think about celebrities, or how connected you feel to them, there is always a possibility that one of them may end up in your dreams. However, there can also be hidden meanings depending on which celebrity you were dreaming about and in which situation.

Think about the kind of celebrity that you were dreaming about. Was it because you saw them in a movie the night before? Or perhaps are they in the kind of career or situation that you would like to see yourself in in the future? These small details will reveal the true meaning of the dream.


6. Hair

Hair can either turn into a fabulous, stylish dream, or it can turn very dark and sinister. Dreaming about having nice, healthy hair usually isn't anything unusual. On the other hand, if you end up dreaming about problems with your hair, or hair getting stuck in weird places, then this could be the true meaning of the dream.

For example, hair is often connected to sexual desire, so if you experience hair loss in your dream, it could mean that you are losing your sexual desire. Likewise, hair can also mean disgust and a feeling of being tangled, especially if you dream about it in weird places.


7. Snake

Snakes represent one of the most primal symbols in our history. They are not necessarily an evil symbol, especially if you are particularly fond of snakes, but they usually have an important message to bring when they enter your dreams.

Their true meaning for your particular dream is open to interpretation. However, they are usually something that will strike you or your goals without any warning. They are usually a symbol of something negative that will be coming up in your life in the near future. Because we are not able to control snakes and they don't make for tamed pets, the news that a snake brings into your dreams will also be out of your control.

Running Late

8. Running Late

Being late to a meeting or an event is one of the most stressful feelings that we can ever experience. Even if the situation was out of our control, it is always we who feel like we have done something wrong and as if we are about to embarrass ourselves.

Similarly, being late has the meaning of you not having enough faith and confidence in yourself to be able to complete a project or a life goal. If there is a particular situation or deadline in your life that you think may be influencing this dream, try to break large goals into smaller once to reduce your own feeling of being under stress.


9. TV

TVs, monitors, and radios all fall into the same category when it comes to dreams and their meaning. Usually, this will be a dream that shows a TV screen turned on, with either something on it or a lost signal blaring across the screen. In either case, there is a connection between the screen and your mind.

Some people believe that screens are a connection between your unconscious and your conscious mind. some people speak to the screen, while others are able to see specific symbols on the screen which bring them a level of understanding about what their dream was about and what it means.


10. Sex

Dreaming about sex more often than not a straightforward dream. It usually means that you want to have sex. However, it is the person who you are dreaming it with who will bring your more information about the meaning of this dream.

For example, if you are dreaming about a specific person who you know, it may mean that you are attracted to them or that you want to have a deeper connection with this individual. On the other hand, if you are simply dreaming of doing it with a stranger, it may be the raw act of sex that will bring you the answer.


11. Vampires

In this case, you can either be dreaming specifically of vampires, or perhaps of an animal that reminds you of them such as a bat. There are different meanings to this dream depending on the situation that you find yourself in inside the dream, and also depending on what your general belief and feelings about vampires are.

Vampires usually mean death, fear, or passion. It is not accidental that vampires in movies are usually someone's crush in the movie. However, if because vampires usually denote the draining of energy, if you dream about a specific person becoming a vampire, they could be a very bad influence on your life.


12. Cats

Cats have numerous symbolisms about them throughout human history. Even though we were never able to completely tame them the way we did dogs, cats have still always stayed close to humans and followed us to the present day.

Dreaming about a cat can have many different meanings. Cats are feminine, free spirits, independent, and powerful animals. Usually, if you dream about a cat, it will probably have a positive impact on your life. On the other hand, there are a few situations when dreaming about a cat can be the sign of a negative omen. It depends on how you feel when you see the cat.


13. Baby

Unlike many other dreams, babies usually only have a positive meaning when you dream about them. It doesn't matter if the baby in your dream is yours, or the baby of someone else in the dream, as long as the baby is safe and behaving like a baby usually would, the symbolism that comes with the baby will be positive.

Babies usually symbolise a big change coming up, or something new that is about to happen in your life. It can either be a change that you are already expecting, or one that will come to surprise you. Either way, try to think about something new that could happen to you after this dream.


14. Cheating

This is easily one of the most uncomfortable dreams that someone could be going through. Dreaming about someone cheating on you is stressful and heartbreaking, and certainly not something that we want to experience during a time when we should be resting both our body and our mind.

However, the dream itself may not actually mean that someone is cheating on you. On the other hand, it can simply mean that the person who you dreamed was cheating on you is actually too preoccupied with something else and not showing you the attention that you think you should be getting.


15. Relationship

Relationships can symbolize two different viewpoints depending on how you actually dream about the relationship. For example, you could be dreaming about having a relationship with someone who you know, or with someone who you don't know.

If the dream is about a person who you already know, the dream may have some symbols hidden within it that will show you something about the person who you are dreaming about. On the other hand, if you don't know the person that you are dreaming about, it could mean that the unknown person actually represents your relationship with yourself and how you are treating yourself at the moment.

Being Naked

16. Being Naked

Being naked in a dream is something that most of us would probably never wish to experience in real life. Being naked in from of other people is embarrassing and makes us feel very self-conscious about who we are and how other people perceive us.

If you dream about being naked in front of other people, it may mean that you are hiding something or that something has recently been revealed about that is making you doubt yourself and your own decisions. Think about some of the most recent things that have happened in your life and see if you can draw a connection between them and your dream.


17. Road

Roads are pretty much self-explanatory when it comes to their appearance in your dreams. However, if you are able to remember the details of the road and the kind of area that it was going through, you will be able to collect more information about the actual meaning of this dream.

Think about some of the recent decisions that you have made in your life. Also, think about any specific directions that you have taken in your life recently which have changes the course of your life. If the road that you dreamed about was beautiful, you have liked made the right decisions in your life.

Taking a Test

18. Taking a Test

Few things in our life remain in such stressful memories as the idea of taking a test. It is unlikely for this kind of dream to ever have any positive message that comes with it, because it usually denotes you having to be tested and criticized on many levels.

Think about the way that your life is going right now. Has there been anything that has recently made you feel like you have a specific deadline to do something, or perhaps there is a feeling on making a mistake that you cannot overcome? Discover the source for the dream in the outside world and you will see why the dream occurred.


19. Darkness

Dreaming of darkness or dark places in general can have many different meanings depending on how the dream played out in your mind. For example, a scary dark place mean fear, hopelessness, and a feeling of being lost to the world. Again, it depends on everything that you are able to notice both inside the darkness and also around it.

Perhaps there are dark figures looming somewhere in the background? How do you think this would connect to your current life? Perhaps you are having some doubts about your life or the people in it? Is there a chance that someone could be hiding a truth from you?


20. Teeth

There are different explanations when it comes to dreaming about teeth. There are different ways of looking at teeth because it depends on how you view the teeth in your dreams and the emotions that you feel when looking at them. Most commonly, people dream about teeth falling out.

Because many people believe that teeth resemble power and confidence, which would mean that if you dream about your team falling out, you are in fact being subconsciously reminded that your confidence is lacking at the moment. This could be directly connected to something that has recently happened in your life.


21. Murder

Murder is not a common dream necessarily, but the meaning behind it is certainly common. As creepy as it sounds, you may dream that you are killing someone. It can either be someone specific who you already know, or a stranger or shadowy figure who you don't recognize.

However, there is no need to freak out about such a dream, because it doesn't mean that you are a bad person. Dreaming about killing someone could actually mean that you are trying to kill part of yourself that you are either embarrassed or dissatisfied by.

Being Trapped

22. Being Trapped

Feeling trapped is a common dream and it also happens in different varieties of the dream. For example, some people dream about being in prison, some dream that they are in a hole, while others dream that they cannot breathe. The common theme between these different situations is that you cannot escape.

Feeling trapped means that you need to make a change and escape the situation that you are currently in. Perhaps you need some time off from a stressful job, or you may need a break from whatever your current schedule is.


23. Falling

Falling is a very common dream, which usually results in us being suddenly woken up by the moment when it feels like we've hit the ground. However, there is a very close connection between falling and what is currently going on in your subconscious mind.

Although you can understand falling in different ways, it usually means that your subconscious has a lot of stress that it needs to deal with. You should also take this opportunity to consider whether or not you are taking care of yourself properly, or perhaps there is something more that you can be doing to help yourself?

Being Chased

24. Being Chased

Many things can end up chasing you in your dreams. An animal, another person, a monster, or who knows what else your subconscious can conjure up for you. This is certainly an uncomfortable feeling, and often, the person who is being chased cannot get away from the person who was chasing her.

Being chased has a lot of meaning when it comes to feeling like you are being threatened. Think about the things that may be causing you to feel threatened and if there is anything in your daily life that you could change to make yourself feel better.

Needing to Pee

25. Needing to Pee

Talk about another very uncomfortable dream that often happens to people. The feeling of needing to pee is both uncomfortable and also a feeling that could actually transfer into your real life and make you pee yourself in bed! Although this is unlikely to happen to adults, it is not impossible.

This is another one of those dreams which will show you that there is something that you are having a lot of difficulty controlling or bringing to a close. Consider that things that are currently affecting your life and whether or not one of them was perhaps the reason for this dream.


26. Insects

Insects are a very frequent dream, especially insects in large numbers. They often come in large numbers and will often also appear very disgusting and often with the sensation of crawling all over our body. Regardless of which kind of bug you were dreaming about, the result of the meaning will be the same.

Insects represent both fear and discomfort. They represent a fear that follows you around and that you cannot escape. Pretty much all bugs have the same meaning, except for lady bugs which often have a positive meaning when they appear in our dreams.

The Moon

27. The Moon

The moon is often a positive sign even though it is something that happens at night. The moon usually means new beginnings, creativity, and even happiness. The moon is a gentle symbol, unlike the sun which is usually associated with something more dangerous.

Enjoy the dream of the moon and appreciate the new beginnings that will come with it. Use the dream as inspiration in your own life to be more creative and more flexible in your skills.


28. Disaster

Dreaming about a disaster is a sure way to freak yourself out when you are sleeping. Disaster dreams take on many different forms and can even include people who are dear to you, which makes the dream even more scary.

However, disaster dreams are often a sign that there is something in your life that is truly bothering you, or perhaps a situation that you feel is going to cause some sort of disaster in your life.


29. Crying

It's strange to dream about yourself crying. You could be crying for many different reasons, and yet each one would still be relevant to your reality and what you may or may not be going through in it.

Tears are indeed a sign of suppressed emotions, so there is not much surprise here when it comes to the meaning of this dream. However, the best way to deal with this situation is to consider if there is anything you can do in your life to feel happier.


30. Fish

Fish, believe it or not, are an ominous sign when it comes to having them show up in your dreams. Regardless of what kind of fish shows up, even a goldfish, it is usually a bad sign.

But don't get freaked out, because it doesn't mean that it is a bad sign of something bad happening to you or a loved one. Instead, it means that there is a level of darkness inside of you which you are not dealing with properly.