Most Brutal Animal Attacks On Humans

Cows Trample Man To Death

1. Cows Trample Man To Death

Cows are often seen as such gentle animals although cattle related deaths is actually a reality. In England for example, 80 cattle related deaths have occurred in 20 years, making that an average of around 4 deaths per year.

In September 2020 itself, a 72-year-old man in England was killed by a herd of charging cows that were unfortunately headed his way. The victim who was identified as Malcolm Flynn from Carlisle was out on a walk with a friend when he was attacked by the cows. Although help did reach him, he was dead within minutes.

It was reported that a similar death had taken place a few days before Flynn’s in the same area. 

Perhaps, the authorities should have a banner in the area “Beware of Cows”. 

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