Mistakes That Could Shorten Your Dog’s Life

Providing Poor Quality Food

#6 Providing Poor Quality Food

Not everyone can afford to serve branded food to their pets but that does not mean using sub-par substitutes are a better option.

Despite what the packaging says, not many dog food brands meet the standards required to provide healthy and additive-free chum. Some dog owners that don’t use packaged food feed their pets table scraps and treats instead.

All this unhealthy food is only going to mess up the dog’s digestive system and overall health. Rather than that, consider sourcing meat, bones, and veggies locally, they are a fresher and healthier option for the dog. But any considerate dog owner would know that proper dog food/kibbles is necessary for dogs in addition to other nutritious items such as meat and bones. So pulling out dog food from the diet completely is a huge mistake for the long haul. 

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