Meet The Swirlon – A New State of Active Matter Discovered By Physicists


26. Quasi-Particles

Swirlons are considered to be a type of quasi-particle. These particles are closely related to collective excitations because they occur with a microscopic system, which as a solid, behaves as if it was interacting with different types of particles in a vacuum.

For example, as an electron travels through a semiconductor, the motion is disturbed and will have a different effective mass. These types of particles are then named quasi-particles. Solids are made up of three types of particles, which are electrons, protons, and neutrons.

Quasi-particles are none of the above and instead emerge in these parties within a solid. While it’s normal for particles to exist on their own in any state of matter, quasi-particles cannot do this and only can exist inside an interactive many-particle system.

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