Medical Revolutions That Transformed Humankind

Clinical Thermometer

#25 Clinical Thermometer

Scientific inventions have been solving man’s problem for ages. While some inventions are still considered marvels of medical science, there are certain inventions like the clinical thermometer that we take for granted today.

But there is no denying the fact that the thermometer is indeed an important scientific invention, first discovered by Galileo Galilei circa 1592. Galileo’s water-based model lacked accuracy, subject to erroneous readings owing to atmospheric pressure.

The model was later improvised by Ferdinando II de’ Medici circa 1654 who used alcohol instead of water. Later a Polish-born Dutch physicist and glassblower, Daniel Gabriel Farhenheit, invented the mercury-based thermometers in 1714 that are the most accurate thermometers.

However, due to the health hazards involved owing to the lethal nature of mercury, digital thermometers or thermometers carrying safer alternatives to mercury (such as coloured alcohol and galinstan) have become more popular.

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