Is Veganism The Same As Vegetarianism? Here are 30 Facts About Veganism That We Should All Know Now

Going Vegan Can Make You Healthier

#2 Going Vegan Can Make You Healthier

Veganism is quite popular these days, with celebrities and social media influencers endorsing the practice in full swing. Tomatoes and cucumbers are loved more than ever, and leafy vegetables look nicer than a scoop of ice cream.

While vegan diets may not be an easy thing to follow, there are indeed a lot of benefits to sticking to them. There is an enormous amount of evidence that advocates vegan diets, all pointing to enhanced quality of life.

According to research, vegan diets can help reduce the risk of several diseases like Type 2 diabetes and even cancer. About 11% of the US populace is suffering from diabetes and a good 7% are susceptible to contracting the disease. Hence, adopting veganism may be their respite from the suffering.

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