Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Dogs aren’t considered man’s best friend for no reason. They are one of our truest companions in the animal world, and our relationship with them goes back almost 3,000 years! Dog owners consider their pets members of their own family, and care for them with the same love and respect as they would for any other family member.

Unfortunately, people who have never had a dog before, or who have not done their research properly, often don’t understand that a dog’s body is very different to ours. Taking care of your dog means understanding their bodily functions, their digestive system, and their nutritional requirements. Most people do not research the life of their new best friend in this much detail, however, understanding the basics of a dog’s nutrition is crucial for keeping them healthy! Most importantly, familiarizing yourself with the things that your dog should not eat will make both of your lives that much easier.

The following is a list of 50 foods that you should NEVER feed your dog.

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