Facts About the Dark Matter That We Didn’t Know About

Dark Matter Maps

6. Dark Matter Maps

Did you know that Scientists were so obsessed with the theory of Dark Matter that they created a special Dark Matter map to spot it?

Shocking but this is the truth! Many countries have been researching the same theory for many centuries now. Some developed countries such as the US, Canada, and some European countries have special laboratories dedicated to the research of Dark Matter.

Some astronomers have been so intrigued by this theory that they have developed special underground labs to locate the Dark Matter in the universe.

Scientists have succeeded in bringing the pieces together of space maps almost indicating where the dark matter is likely to be situated. A lot of guesswork had already been by many astronomers.

But the 21st century showed remarkable progress in this field and scientists were able to spot the hiding place of the Dark matter. By identifying hotspots in the space, the scientists came down to this explanation that higher levels of dark matter may be concentrated where the hotspot lies.

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