Facts About the Dark Matter That We Didn’t Know About

They Don't Interact With Anyone

5. They Don’t Interact With Anyone

It seems that the Dark Matter is not interactive at all! It does not interact with either itself or with light. It doesn’t even interact with a normal matter for that matter, the reason being, if it did, it would slow down and clump too much and that would come into the path of something or the other.

If the theories about Dark Matter are true and if it does exists then it must have its own pathway in the universe. As we know that the galaxies are formed in clusters, so there might be chances for their interaction with other objects. But it hasn’t happened in millions of years.

Since Dark Matter has not been observed closely it is seen that it does not interact or react with any baryonic matter except due to the force of gravity. The Dark Matter tends to constraint its mass and cross-section.

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