Facts About the Dark Matter That We Didn’t Know About

You were the stars, and I was the dark sky behind you.”
“Without dark sky, you couldn’t see the stars.”
“I knew I was useful,” he says.
“You’re essential.”
― Jenn Bennett, Starry Eyes

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered what mysteries it holds in it? Have you ever thought what else could be concealed in the darkness of the sky except for stars, moon, and constellations? Does that darkness appeal to you?

Have you ever spent gazing at the sky for an entire night and felt like taking solace in its darkness? If yes, then you must also be intrigued by its darkness and mysterious nature!

Dark matter as it is defined by scientists is one of the most mysterious and yet ubiquitous mysteries in the world. There are things hidden deep down in the universe and dark matter is one of them.

We are well aware of everything that emits and absorbs light including the Sun, moon, stars, galaxies and planets. But the dark matter which constitutes the five-sixth matter of the sky is different from what we have discovered and still out of our way!

No wonder man has always been curious to solve the mysteries of the Universe!

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