Diseases That Modern Medicine Still Can’t Cure


#14 Covid-19

We’re sure everyone knows about this one! A disease that saw its first case in Wuhan, China December 2019 has now become global pandemic keeping countries under hard lockdowns, and its people indoors. This virus affects primarily affects or respiratory system, but also affects other systems int he body. 

While a major chunk of its victims are asymptomatic, some suffer from flu like symptoms along with fever, fatigue and digestive issues. Others cases can develop into critical ones that could be fatal and require ventilator support. 
Covid-19 virus is a new mutation of the already existing coronavirus, but this particular strain of virus had never infected a human before. As a result, no human being has any immunity against the virus. The only way to keep it at bay is to wear masks in public and practise social distancing (staying at least 6 feet away from people in public).
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