Crazy Medical Treatments From Olden Days

Ointments Made From Poop

3. Ointments Made From Poop

Animal dung treatment used to be prescribed in ancient Egypt to treat both injuries as well as ailments. Egyptian doctors believed that excrement from some animals such as donkeys, gazelles, and dogs had healing properties.

According to scientists researching these old age stomach-churning practices, dung from certain animals contained microflora which had antibiotic substances and could have been effective at times, it would also have caused tetanus and other infections in some of the patients.

Ancient Egyptians also used crocodile dung and honey concoction as a form of contraceptive. This form of medical treatment was not just limited to animal excreta and Egypt, in 1600s Ireland, pre-eminent scientist and chemist, Robert Boyle, used powdered human feces to treat cataracts.

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