Crazy Medical Treatments From Olden Days

Maggots for Infected Wounds

24. Maggots for Infected Wounds

Maggots were widely used during wars to treat infected injuries. These fly larvae only eat the infected portion of the wound without harming the healthy tissues.

During the Battle of Saint Quentin (1557), a French physician, Ambroise Paré, discovered that soldiers with maggot-infested wounds recovered much quicker than the others. In the American civil war, maggots were for the first time intentionally used to clean the wound by removing the necrotic tissue to ensure a faster recovery.

In World War I, American surgeon, William Baer observed that the patients with maggots infested wounds have less infection and swelling as compared to the other patients. It is interesting to note that maggot therapy is still very much in use and in 2004 the FDA gave a green flag to Maggot therapy as a prescription treatment.

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