Crazy Medical Treatments From Olden Days

Urine for Dazzling Teeth

12. Urine for Dazzling Teeth

These days we spend good money on dental treatments and to keep our teeth healthy, bright, and dazzling white. The Ancient Romans had a quick, simple but awfully disgusting way to get pearly whites- just rinse your mouth with urine.

Several Roman physicians recommended the use of urine as a freely available cleaning agent which could be used as a mouthwash. In one of his works, legendary Roman poet, Catullus described how people in ancient Rome used both animal as well as human urine to routinely clean their teeth.

Urine would be left out to get stale which would then turn into ammonia, which happens to be a great cleaning agent. This ammonia-rich liquid would then be used to rinse and brighten the teeth.

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