Crazy Facts About Nostradmus & His Predictions

Wrote a Bizarre Medical Cookbook

21. Wrote a Bizarre Medical Cookbook

A seer, a healer, and now a cookbook writer! You may not know this, but one of the first books Nostradamus was titled ‘Treatise on Cosmetics and Conserves’, and this book was filled with bizarre recipes to make everything from blonde hair dye to toothpaste – made by grinding cuttlefish bone and shells of sea snails! 

The book also had a recipe for a rose pill that claimed to cure the plague (it didn’t!). Apart from this, it was also a cookbook that shared recipes for cherry jam, candied orange peel, as well as marmalade, and jams! 

Most famously, the book also had the recipe for a ‘love jam’ – made from apples, sparrow blood, and octopus – that would seduce anyone who eats it into ‘doing the deed’!

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