Crazy Facts About Nostradmus & His Predictions

Used As Propaganda For World War II

19. Used As Propaganda For World War II

As is the case with vague, open-ended prophecies, they can easily be used AND misused, to serve the interests of the reader. And that’s exactly what happened when the Nazis decided to use Nostradamus’s prophecies to justify their cruelty and invasion during World War II. 

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels as well as Rudolf Hess, all deeply believed in some of the quatrains of Nostradamus. In fact, they even printed a ‘modified’ version of these quatrains, together with Nazi propaganda into leaflets, and had them dropped all over France.
According to these prophecies, it was in France’s ‘destiny’ to be defeated by the Germans. Funnily enough, Allied powers took this idea and turned it on its head by making their own propaganda film called ‘Nostradamus Says So’! 
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