Amazing Examples of Biomimicry & Nature-Inspired Design

Black Boxes: Inspired By Woodpeckers

8. Black Boxes: Inspired By Woodpeckers

It’s truly amazing how woodpeckers manage to keep ‘pecking’ away at hard tree trunks, without damaging their head or beaks! But knowing just how marvelous mother nature is, she found a solution for this as well. And surely enough, woodpeckers do have natural shock absorbers built into their skulls.

But that’s not all, a CT scan of their beaks revealed that it is filled with a special cerebrospinal fluid that is quite spongy in nature. This, too, helps the woodpeckers cushion the impact and stay safe while they are hammering away. 
Realizing this stunning ability to stay protected from damage, UC Berkley researchers used this knowledge to create modern-day black boxes used in aircraft that are considered virtually indestructable! 
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