Amazing Examples of Biomimicry & Nature-Inspired Design

Wetsuits: Inspired By Sea Otters

3. Wetsuits: Inspired By Sea Otters

No matter how freezing the waters are, sea otters have an amazing ability to swim right through them without a hassle! Well, that’s because they have one of the warmest and well-insulating furs in the animal world. Curious and inspired, a group of MIT researchers began a project to create a material that mimics the superior warming properties of the sea otter fur. 

Thanks to their curiosity, we now have wetsuits that keep us far warmer in the freezing underwater dives! That’s because these wetsuits are designed to tiny, rubbery, fur-like material that is similar to that of sea otters.
This material manages to trap bits of warm air within itself, keeping your skin nice and toasty. So the next time you go on a dive and put your wetsuit on, don’t forget to thank the sea otters that helped design it!
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