Amazing Examples of Biomimicry & Nature-Inspired Design

Velcro: Inspired By Dogs

2. Velcro: Inspired By Dogs

As if dogs haven’t already given us enough with their love and companionship – they’ve also given us the idea for inventing velcro! Well not us, exactly, but the Swiss Georges de Mastral. When out on walks with his dog, Mastral noticed that his dog has an impressive ability to attract prickly burrs onto his fur coat. 

Once they got back home, Mastral took a sample of their dog’s hair and the prickly burrs to study under the microscope. What he found was mind-blowing – the thickness of the dog’s hair and tough prickliness of the burr made them stick to each other without any effort at all.
Using the exact same principle, he experimented with nylon and rough cotton, along with cloth that had small loops. Needless to say, the rest is history – behold the birth of modern-day velcro!
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