30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

Hello nausea!

#26 Hello nausea!

Well!Morning sickness can really create havoc on your work life in the first fewweeks of pregnancy. It involves feeling nauseated and the urge to vomit as soonas they wake up. For some women, it goes like sleep, vomit, and then repeat!Itis the first sign and the most common symptom of detecting pregnancy infemales.

The joy of being pregnant is on one side and facing the effects ofmorning sickness is on the other! You should know that nausea is just notrestricted to strike in the morning but can attack during any part of the day,even at night.

So,not feeling well in the morning and the urge to skip work frequently is mostlyseen in the first trimester in women.here…

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