30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

Got Sleep On Your Mind All Day!

#28 Got Sleep On Your Mind All Day!

Do you sleep all day long and still feel exhausted? Don’t worry this is what happens when you find yourself pregnant!

You will notice your sleeping patterns change drastically in the early stages of pregnancy. Studies suggest that while some women can sleep for 10 hours straight whereas some are unable to fall asleep and might make it a ritual of being wide awake in the wee hours of the night.

Insomnia usually hits women in the third semester accompanied by heartburn and congestion. The good news for you is that your insomnia might look terrible to you but it doesn’t harm your baby.

There are no ill effects it. Eating healthy dinner, moderate exercise, and regular massaging of feet with oils might be helpful in preventing insomnia up to an extent!

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