30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

A Special Power: Heightened Sense of Smell

#29 A Special Power: Heightened Sense of Smell

Many women experience a heightened sense of smell in their early stages of pregnancy. It’s like extrasensory perception or special power that is bestowed on them.  Interestingly, it remains with them for quite a few months after their delivery.

Pregnant women can smell things from a distance and get very sensitive to peculiar smell. They may start disliking certain smells and odors which they liked before getting pregnant.

As per some surveys conducted, women may develop a heightened sense of smell even before she is confirmed pregnant.

You may notice some women shutting themselves in a room because they couldn’t breathe the smell of cheese, coffee, or even old books.

The smells that you never noticed before will seem unbearable and overwhelming. Don’t worry you can blame it on estrogen and other hormones for it!

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