30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

Insomnia seen in some women.

#7 Insomnia seen in some women.

Frequent changes in your body and fluctuations in hormones can lead to insomnia or the inability to sleep. Most women face insomnia in their last trimester as the baby is almost fully formed. The little bun is active and kicks often at nights, causing you sleeplessness.

For some of you, insomnia might strike after 6 weeks of being pregnant. For a few, this will come at a later stage. However, there are a few fortunate ones, too, who do not experience insomnia throughout the pregnancy.

Regular massaging of feet at night, drinking milk with nutmeg, practicing a night routine, maintaining sleep hygiene, and other relaxation techniques might improve your condition at some time.

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