30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

Poor Concentration? Not Your Fault Really!

#30 Poor Concentration? Not Your Fault Really!

With Pregnancy comes decreased levels of concentration and brain fog. Brain fog occurs when you are not able to think straight from your right mind.

Everything seems confusing and you are not able to make any decision. Even avid readers have difficulty concentrating on their favorite books and magazines.

You have to read a single sentence many times in order to grasp the meaning of it. You may not be able to remember small details like brushing teeth, last night’s dinner, or what you had for breakfast this morning!

Forgetting where you kept your phone and keys remain the most common. Not being able to concentrate on your work or even on the lyrics of your first song starts with the first semester and can last until the third semester.

It is hard to believe but the good news is that it is temporary. 

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