30 Unexpected Things That Happen to Pregnant Women that No One Talks About

Cleanliness Freak Are You?

#16 Cleanliness Freak Are You?

You may suddenly feel the urge to clean the whole house or redo the laundry, especially in the second semester. Psychologists state this as a nesting instinct.

Women may feel a heightened urge to clean everything in order to welcome their baby. Vacuuming will be more frequent to the point of being unnecessary. Most of them will go on changing the color of the wall to the curtains and carpet.

You may also feel the need to develop a certain skill like knitting a sweater for your baby or to make something from your own hands for the newborn here.

All of that because you will suddenly want to make things from scratch instead of picking them off-the-shelf. That mostly for the sake of ensuring hygiene.

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