30 Things That Science Hasn’t Figured Out Yet

Why Do Tomatoes Have More Genes Than Humans?

5. Why Do Tomatoes Have More Genes Than Humans?

Ah, the fresh tomato – can be eaten in so many different ways – in ketchup, pasta sauce, salads, and so many other dishes. But apart from its versatility, there is another crazy fact about this vegetable. 

Tomatoes have more than 30,000 genes. If that sounds like a lot, it is. And get ready for another mind-blowing fact – these are 10,000 more genes than those found in human beings! 

What exactly is it about tomatoes that require them to have far more genes than the supposedly super-complex human beings? Are tomatoes living secret lives that we don’t know anything about? Jokes apart, this mystery is still yet to be cracked by scientists. 

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