30 Things That Science Hasn’t Figured Out Yet

What Is Time, and Why Does It Go Forward?

25. What Is Time, and Why Does It Go Forward?

Why is it that we see everyone grow older, and not younger? What exactly is time, and why does it seem to only flow in one direction? This is one of the most fascinating questions of all one that scientists have been mystified by since ‘time’ immemorial!

We may be tempted to think that time is objectively measured by clocks, but that is not true everywhere. In fact, the closer you are to a source of gravity, the ‘slower’ time will flow for you! this has been recorded and proven in several experiments. 
Physicists have all kinds of theories for time, with some saying ‘time’ in fact doesn’t exist independently at all! That it is only a way to record changes that happen in the universe. But the hunt for the truth continues!
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