30 Space Conspiracies That People Just Can’t Get Over

NASA Isn't a Real Organization

2. NASA Isn’t a Real Organization

Some individuals are pushing as far as stating that NASA isn’t only exploring space, but also generating false programs and space hoaxes.

A popular hashtag recently surfaced, #NASAhoax, which included talk about the legitimacy of the Apollo Moon landings, space pictures of Mars, Pluto, and Earth being generated, and that all we know of space being fake.

In reality, there is plenty of proof that NASA is doing what it says it is. NASA was formed in 1958 and since then, has worked with astronauts, presidents, and even other countries in hopes of learning more about space and exploring the most it can.

Simply looking at rocket launches, seeing videos from the space station, and even watching astronauts’ speeches should tell you all you need to know about the legitimacy of this organization.

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