30 Most Rare And Dangerous Psychiatric Disorders That No One Talks About

Shenjing Shuairuo/Neurasthenia

#2 Shenjing Shuairuo/Neurasthenia

Shenjing Shuairuo is a rare but commonly accepted syndrome among the Chinese population.

It is a traditional diagnosis made using the concept of the same disorder in the Western culture called Neurasthenia.

The sufferers go through fatigue, pain, moodiness, and poor concentration all at once!

Its broad symptoms of mood changes, pain, and weakness fit the criteria for anxiety disorders and mood disorders. The symptoms here also resemble that of chronic fatigue syndrome.

To avoid the stigma that comes with mental disorders, Shenjing Shuairuo is widely believed to be somatic in nature.

Since it is culturally bound to China, the disorder is accepted using a treatment method involving traditional Chinese medicine.

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